Strategic Industrial Relations Solutions  -  NCG  brings an unencumbered  and fresh perspective to
creating and managing innovative, pragmatic and commercial solutions in the robust area of IR.

Industrial Relations Management  -  NCG  is  able  to provide integrated  end to end management of
complex IR issues and processes including the drafting,  making and formalising of agreements that are
legislatively,  contractually  and  ethically compliant.  NCG assists our clients throughout the agreement
making process including, drafting, negotiating, formalising, voting and lodgement of enterprise agreements.

Industrial Relations Processes and Procedures  -  many companies utilise processes and procedures to
centralise and manage their business  operations.    From time to time, an audit or revision of existing
processes is required to ensure that all the company policies, procedures and activities are operating in
accordance with company protocol and culture.  NCG will conduct an audit or revision service that will enable
your business to identify areas of improvement for compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Industrial Dispute Resolution - Disputes with unions, third parties or employees can be stressful and
challenging to resolve.
NCG is able to initiate, facilitate and lead discussions or negotiations to obtain the
best possible outcome for your business. We also undertake Private Mediation and Arbitration.

Workplace Productivity and Flexibility Optimisation - NCG works with all levels of your business to
identify  productivity,  efficiency  and  flexibility   opportunities   that  if  implemented  can  increase the
business bottom line whilst providing employee buy in and involvement.