Strategic Human Resource Solutions - NCG brings an unencumbered   perspective to creating and
managing innovative, pragmatic and commercial solutions in the area of business focussed Human Resources.

Human Resource Processes and Procedures - many companies utilise HR processes and procedures
to centralise and manage their business operations. From time to time, an audit or revision of existing
processes is required to ensure that all the company  policies,  procedures and  activities   are  operating  in  
accordance   with  company  protocol and culture.   
NCG will conduct   an   audit  or  revision  service  that  
will  enable   your   business   to   identify areas of improvement for best practice and compliance with legal
and regulatory requirements.

Training Programs for Management and Employees - NCG tailors and delivers in house  training  
that  suits  your  business  requirements and is cost effective method of training business professionals of all
levels across your business. This service is increasingly popular with businesses   seeking   to   up-skill  the  
staff on   the changing  legislation  and its effect on their business environment.